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Bob Erickson

Author, Traveler, Outdoors Lover

Hi, my name is Bob Erickson and I’m the author of books on Alaska and others on the outdoors. Welcome to my new website. I do hope you’ll make yourselves at home here. Please enjoy the site.

All the best
Bob Erickson

My 1st Book on Alaska!

This book is 43 Chapters over 237 pages, with stories of Alaska’s purchase, “Seward’s Folly” and why Russia sold it to the US, not Canada. Read about the Japanese attacks during WWII, the gold rush, building the Alcan Highway, how tides affect Alaska, permafrost, snow fleas and ice worms and other interesting stories of unique businesses, personal stories, and much more. You will find stories found in no other books or articles. If you don’t find this the most interesting and informative book you have read on Alaska, I will gladly refund your cost of the book!

Bob Erickson

Author, Traveler, Outdoors Lover

I wrote my first book at the age of seventy-eight. I discovered that writing and publishing books served a purpose for me. After losing my father at the age of six, and then moving to a small midwestern farm, I led a lonely life that I overcame with a good work ethic, respect for others, and a sense of humor, along with an appreciation of nature. these same things are giving me great pleasure and purpose in my retirement, which is why I’ve written a number of books and plan on continuing as long as they give me joy. All my books contain my stories and those of others and are meant to be entertaining, educational, humorous and general good family reading.

Touring Alaska for my stories, I ended up with enough material for many more books on Alaska and Alaskans. My plan is to return to Alaska annually and bring back more humor and excitement to flesh out more books. watch for these books to come out in the future.

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As a veteran hunter, trapper and fisherman for over 70 years, I only wish that I could have captured and recorded my adventures with the click of a button. Having enjoyed many Alaskan adventures over the past 34 years, I see a great deal of value in video recording sunglasses.


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