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Deer Stands and Stories , ,

Book 1

Within this book you will find 43 stories, with 82 pictures accompanying, that illustrate that the excitement, tradition, and fun of deer hunting is for everyone; man woman and child.

Growing up on a small farm in Central Minnesota, nature and the environment became my answer to a need for adventure. Hunting was a natural next step for me after tramping fields and woods. It began with a slingshot and progressed to my current favorite, my deer rifle.

Sitting in deer camps, and hearing the hunting stories, I felt they had to be preserved. I was intrigued by the evolution of deer stands, and this book includes pictures and stories about them. In fact, in obtaining stories, I advertised that I wanted to hear about the simplest ones, the most elaborate ones, and some of the most unique. Hunters from all over the area sent in stories and photos, including, to my delight, a number of stories from hunters with disabilities, women, and children. This book has attempted to collect the best stories. At the same time, some of the funniest stories have also been included. Enjoy.

143 page paperback

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